Diary – 25th May 2015

i was awake and up at my normal time but our visitors had a lie-in so it was a slow start to the day. 

Once we’d had breakfast and a brief playtime we got into cars and headed to Old Holly Farm. Petted some animals and then headed to to play barn. 

From there drove to Garstang and parked at Booths. Looking for somewhere to have lunch. Tried Booths cafe first, but it was too busy. Walked round to Moss Lane and tried a pub but was told they were only serving sandwiches. So headed to Th’Owd Tithe Barn which wasn’t too busy. I had fish and chips; the fish was rather over-cooked. 

Once fed, we headed to the playing fields and the Garstang Children’s Fair. We spent more time in the permanent playground than on the fair rides. Walked back to car and then drove home. 

Once home I got football match updates and heard that Middlesbrough were losing 2-0 after 15 minutes. With everyone else happy indoors I took the opportunity to go out in the car and grab a geocache. Drove to end of Delphi Lane and with a hint ‘base of tree’ I was a bit frustrated at how many trees there were. But I did find it and returned home. 

Decided to go down to Priory in village for tea. Vik and I walked while others went in car. Got a nice table in window.  I had beef stroganoff and Lancaster Bomber beer. 

Naomi sat and watched TV for a while before bed. Wondering why anyone makes  TV programmes about people,who have not bothered following regulations when building a new house and then complain that the system is unfair.   

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One Response to Diary – 25th May 2015

  1. mypersonalteenlife says:

    You’re life seems pretty interesting. It also seems like you get to eat some awesome food, I’m so jealous.

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