Diary – 30th May 2015

after two nights sleeping well I had a really restless night. Didn’t help that there was some heavy rain as well. 

So got up about 7.30, remembered to take my pill, walked to shop for papers and had breakfast. 

Naomi got up and went out to her Pilates class. I pottered around in the greenhouse, went to my office for some guitar playing. 

Naomi came home and we got in the car and set off for Middlesbrough. Taking rh quick route over the A66. The only excitement was  watching the fuel gauge and hoping we would pass a garage in time. We did, of course. 

Got to Middlesbrough, straight to care home to visit Richard and Betty. Both seemed quite well I took Richard out to the shop to buy some batteries we left them at 4pm as it was time for their tea. 

Drove round to their house and spent just a few minutes making sure all we in order. Oh, and I picked up a set of encyclopaedias that belonged to my dad. 

Back in car and drove round to Teesside Park. Quick drink at Costa and then wandered round PC World. Or is it Currys? And a quick look in Game and TK Max. 

Back in car, heading south on A19 and turned off for Northallerton. Decided on driving the pretty way home through the Dales. Stopped at Hawes to find some food. Choice of several pubs and we went in The Crown. Very good service. I had a rib eye steak


As we left we stopped for a geocache and then carried on to home. Arrived about 2115. 

Time for a drink in front of TV for a while. 

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