Diary – 2nd June 2015

Seems like my body is already used to the idea of getting up a bit earlier.

So I was up early, down to the shop and had finished breakfast before Naomi came down. I’d forgotten that she was having a late start.

Drowsiness form yesterday seems to have gone.

Spent the morning on housework. Did some hoovering, tidied the cupboard under the porch and cupboards in the utility room. Found some guitar time somewhere along the lin as well.

I have to go to Lancaster to sign on at the Job Centre this afternoon. Watching the weather forecast I was persuaded that the rain would stop by the afternoon so I had my route planned.

But when it came to 1300 and time for me to start thinking about getting ready for a bike ride, the rain started again, quite heavy this time, so I cancelled that idea. Car again. That gave me a bit more time at home.

So, left home about 1400, drove to Lancaster and parked on Moorlands. It’s a quick drive early in the afternoon. Had enough time to look at rotary airers in Argos and realised the shop catalogue is less informative than their website. Pole diameter is all-important to us!!

At the Job centre I met someone new. Had a pleasant chat and hopefully sorted out my transfer to Lancaster finally. I can’t believe how complicated they make it. Seesm that they don’t have any sort of central database.

After signing on stopped at Costa for a drink and headed home.

Did a rowing session and rowed 6.6km in 30 mins. Not too  bad.

Naomi came home. I made an interesting dish with yesterday left-overs. Something like risotto.

Another quiet evening and I did a bit more guitar.

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