Diary – 3rd June 2015

woke up first of all at 4.40am -it’s already light!! And then again at 5.40am and then at 6.40am and waited for alarm to go off. 

Changed routine is now get up, have breakfast watching TV and then go out. 

First day at work, how early to get there? Timed it just right and met school headmistress at shop. I can’t believe she drives to work!! But then she does have to drive to another school sometimes. 

So, first day in charge of the school breakfast club, called Early Bird Club. Head showed me round, told me codes for locks and gave me a sheet of notes. First question from children was how to call me. Am I Mr Elliott or Steve? School convention seems to be no Christian names and that’s what head said we should stick with, so I’m Mr Elliott. Children rolled up and by 8.30am I had 13 in the room. It was getting difficult to maintain control. Then another staff member came and suggested children could go outside once they had tidied up. Which they did. All I had to do was put some chairs straight and leave the register with the secretary and that was it. Job done. I was home for 0900. 

Sat down with newspaper and a cup of tea and just before 10am the electricity went off. Unfortunately that causes our house alarm to go off. 😦 called maintenance company as I had to arrange a maintenance check-up for it anyway. Arranged that and asked about how to stop it ringing. Answer is to pay for a call-out or put up with the noise. So I said I’d put up with it and went out for a walk. 

It only takes me 20 minutes to get to the top of Nicky Nook. Walked past lots of slower walkers. Then down into Grizedale and down valley. Small diversion to go up hillside along path we haven’t been before and found a woodland covered in bluebells. Turned round and headed home via Tithebarn Lane and footpath. 2hours in all

Lunch and then started to think about what I should have been doing this morning when some friends called and asked if they could come round to print some docs. So that took the best part of an hour. 

Finally remembered I need to do something about tea. Good job our microwave has a defrost feature. 

Managed some guitar playing and a bit of prep for connect group

 Had my tea and got ready to go out. Naomi was home just before I left. 

So back to the usual Wednesday evening; guitar lesson and connect group. We reviewed Amazing Grace and then  went back to Smells Like Teen Spirit which I think we did ages ago but this time with capo on fret 3 and open D tuning things were a bit different. Played the rhythm and then tried the riff. Needs improvement!!

Then off to connect group and we had 3 new people, doubling the size of the group. Did the first of a series on letters to Timothy and Titus. 

And home for about 10pm

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