Diary – 9th June 2015

I’m beginning to realise that there is a difference between being awake at 7am and doing my own thing and having to get up at 6.45am to get to work for 8am.

My alarm woke me at 6.45am and as I got out of bed I forgot to switch it off, so when I came back from the shower it had rung again and woken Naomi. 😦

Breakfast club at school was very quiet until we went out to the playground where there were more children. 2 cases of pushing in the football game causes some tears but both boys were OK when I was at the school later.

When I got back home I sat outside in the sunshine to read the newspaper. Then headed indoors to do my blood pressure test.

And up to my office for my obligatory job searching. UJ had an interesting job which I thought I would apply for. Got annoyed that I seemed to go through two more agency sites before ending up on the Co-op website where as well as submitting my application I had to go through a lengthy procedure to register as someone looking for a job with the Co-op. This job search is leaving quite a trail. And then found another job I thought I’d apply for.

So that was a lengthy session if you also include a bit of guitar playing.

Took some time to do my remaining tasks for the Behaviours That Stick project. It was quite interesting looking at our electrical and heating usage and looking at ways to trim them. All done now, time to hand back the board

After lunch I was back down to the school for an hour of reading. Well, the children read, I listen. It was mostly the older ones today. I closed my eyes and wasn’t far off going to sleep!!

Went from there to the chapel to meet and have a chat about our next village Pilgrims meeting. It’s aligned with Messy Church. Didn’t talk about that very much but had a good chat about lots of things.

So came home about 4.30pm. As I said, I was feeling tired so collapsed in front of TV.

We had pork chops for tea.

Then headed out to Lancaster for OMF prayer meeting. As well as praying we also talked with our regional ‘mobiliser’. He’s been in the job for a year and this is the first we’ve seen of him. When comments were made about the age of our group he didnt have any ideas about bringing in new people.

Did get home until after 10pm

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