Diary – 23rd June 2015

woke up feeling tired – don’t think I slept very well. 

Early birds went well -we were outside earlier than usual and then I end up keeping an eye on all the children as they arrive. Had a conversation with one of the parents. 

Came home and pottered around. Doesn’t sound very productive but I was doing stuff which needed doing. Made sure I picked up my guitar a few times. I’m struggling to get my index finger to lie across the fret board and make a chord with two other fingers. Keep practicing, says my teacher, and it will come. 

After lunch I was back down the hill to the school for listening to readers. Went into my usual class and they were playing at being the Internet. I walked in just as the DNS servers was responding to a request. 🙂   But the were about to got to PE so I went to the middle class and spent an hour sitting on bean bags in the corner listening to the children read to me one after the other. 

Came home afte 3pm and did some more guitar and then got ready to go out. 

Took sat nav with me in car just in case I did get lost driving to Capernwray Hall for a NISCU encouragement evening. Went via M6 and stopped at Borwick to grab a geocache. Seemed to go a route on very minor roads with grass growing in the middle of the road. Seemed like a long time since I’ve been to the hall, couldn’t remember my way round so stopped in the first parking area I found. I was early but there were people from my own church that I knew. 

Event started at 6.30pm. We had a 3-course meal and then sang a few worship songs, someone spoke for a few minutes and then we got in to small groups to talk and pray. 

Left at about 9.30pm and took under half an hour to get home. 

Moreorless straight to bed. Zzzzzz. 

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