Diary – 25th June 2015

had a weird experience. I was dreaming about not having my alarm clock on and I then woke up, looked at my clock and hadn’t set the alarm to wake me up. So I was a little bit late up and had a bit of a rush but got down to school on-time. 

Early birds got real busy and noisy. 13 kids. So we went outside early. I was helping with skipping again. 

Came home and did my usual morning jobs and then got ready for PT session.  Did some YSFE exercises to warm up before trainer arrived. Simons spent the best part of 1 1/2 hours with me. She was concerned about my high BP and treatment and wouldn’t do certain exercises. It was good to get to know another local. 

Had lunch and then went out and cut grass. Lots more clippings and I guess the mower moved more slowly through the longer grass so it took 2 hours. And when I finished and went inside I had a really bad hay-fever attack. 

Collapsed on sofa and could have fallen asleep. 

Cooked some salmon fillets for tea and then watched TV most of the evening. Did some doc prep for appointment at surgery and my visit to Job Centre. 

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