Diary – 2nd July 2015

ive discovered a new button on my alarm clock. The one marked ‘alarm reset’. If I press it as I get out of bed then I can leave the alarm switched on all the time.  And it worked this morning. 

So up and out of the house. Except I forgot my newspaper voucher and had to run back from the cottage to pick it up. So got to school just about in time. Club was OK. Spent all the time outside. 

Came home. Read papers. Did job search. Time to go out for a geocache. Found some up at Calder Vale. Jumped into car, got to end of drive and found a delivery van across the exit. So did some weeding for 10 minutes until van moved off. 

So wen t for walk through woods and some fields to find cache. Found 2 then took another path to find a 3rd. It was off the path, up a slope covered in tall weeds and there was someone watching me so I gave up. Down another path and found a 3rd one for the day. And headed home. 

Lunchtime.  After still felt bad from the heat, hay-fever and insect bites. Watched Wimbledon on TV. Heavy rain outside. 

Baked salmon for tea. Saw Nadal lose. 

Did a bit of guitar playing. Got a bad hay-fever attack in the evening. Don’t know why -I was inside with windows closed. 

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