Diary – 5th July 2015

had a good night’s sleep. Helped by the beer , no doubt. 

Up at 8 and a slow morning til I went out to Lancaster. Tried for a geocache at Golgotha (what a name!) but couldn’t find it. 

Morning service at LBC was Ok. Followed by church meeting. I was elected as a deacon. Along with 4 others. 

Came home, had lunch and watched Tour de France for a while before deciding to go out. 

Drove round back lanes intending to do one geocache but what was on the map as a road was a footpath behind a gate. So we back-tracked, went down another lane and did find a geocache. 

From there onto Barnacre church. Exhibition in church. loads of people around. Looked round church and then into hall for cake and a drink. 

Came home in time to see end of Tour stage. 

Did some baking was trying to enjoy online radio but it kept stopping. Didn’t stop me making a dozen lemon cupcakes. 

Naomi went out to evening service. Internet got worse and dropped out for a while which was frustrating as I had a couple of things to do. It was up and down for most of the evening. 

Settled in front of TV in time for Humans at 9pm. 

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