Diary – 7th July 2015

it was a bit of a cool start to the day but when I got down to school I still insisted to the kids that early birds should stay outside. Some of the girls wanted me to do skipping rather than just holding the rope but they couldn’t lift the rope high enough to go over my head. 

Came home, sat and read the newspaper for a while and then it was off in the car to Lancaster. 

A brief stop in the centre shopping for a few things and then over to the Ridge estate for 11am exciting times as LBC opens a centre on the estate. Washed walls, windows and woodwork and then painted a wall. Had a quick lunch of sausage and chips before leaving and heading back home. 

Went the country route which is shorter but is much hillier and lots of bends and junctions so a much more expensive drive. But the views are much nicer. 

Down to school for 2pm for reading support. Bit awkward as normal teaching had given way to rehearsals for a panto. Aren’t pantomimes done at Christmastime? Whatever. Jack and the beanstalk. I still managed to listen to half a dozen kids before school finished. 

Came home and did my daily job search before watching a bit of tennis and then doing a rowing session while watching the final minutes of the TdF. 

After we had tea I retreated upstairs and worked on CoP forms which took the rest of the evening. 

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