Diary – 11th July 2015

slept well apart from waking up some time around 5am when the window rattled. 

Got up round about 8am. Father-in-law made cooked breakfast. 

About 10am we set off in borrowed car and drove to Worcester Park. We have friends there. Haven’t seen them for a few months. Stayed and chatted for an hour and a half. 

Then we drove back to railway station. Parked and took train to Waterloo. Then walked round to South Bank. Grabbed two portions of lamb Tagine from the street market – very tasty. Ate that and then walked round to Embankment and found the place called Wonderground. Met up with some family and friends. Show started at 2pm. Watching James Bustar. Naomi’s cousin. Show was excellent. Relieved that I didn’t dragged on to stage. Show lasted about an hour. 

Went from there with friends to the playground and thankfully found some shade to sit in. 

After a while we decided to fins somewhere for tea. There was a Pizza Express not far away. When we sat down we found they had an offer on so we had two courses. And I had some beer. 

Then walked back to Waterloo and got train back to Worcester Park and drove back to Tolworth. 

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