Diary – 12th July 2015

it was very noisy outside when we went to bed last night but once asleep I slept quite soundly. And slept until almost 8am. 

Father-in-law prepared another tasty cooked breakfast and then it was off to church. Nice service. Sermon on 2 Samuel 22 and the end of David’s life. When we read that passage we should not read it as if the “I” refers to ourselves. Ended with communion. After a bit of chat we drove in car to Wimbledon. 

Parked in side street and then took train to Waterloo. I think Waterloo must now be the railway station I visit most often!! From there took Jubilee line to Canary Wharf. Arrived early for lunch so went for a short walk. Didn’t quite get to the river bank but had an odd perspective of the Shard almost next to the buildings of the City of London. 

Lunch was at Cafe Rouge with a lot of Naomi’s family. There to celebrate her parents ruby wedding anniversary (40 years). 10 of us. I had a charcuterie platter, mussels for main  

 and then a chocolate fondant. Drank some champagne and then red wine although I don’t normally drink on a Sunday. 

Left there about 4.30pm and said our goodbyes and then we took a busy get to Euston. It was slow going. I couldn’t work out where we were until we got on the A13.  Traffic was very bad, maybe that’s normal for a big city on a Sunday afternoon. At the place where we had to change buses the rain was pouring down. 

Got to Euston with a few minutes to spare.  Mobility assistance told us to go down to the platform and we were there as the train came on to the platform. So we were first on train and had the wheelchair space to ourselves. Train wasn’t very busy and we were back in Lancaster for 9pm and drove home. 

A quick unpack and unwind and time for bed. 

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