Diary – 13th July 2015

A new week starts. Not surprisingly after our weekend away, I really didnt feel like getting up at 6.45am, but needs must!!

Down to school in good time and although it wasn’t raining no-one wanted to be outside. Mrs hesketh was also around early and asked me to tidy up the club box. Had a lot of kids turn up and I was glad when it got to end our club time and we had to go outside.

back to the house for a quick drink and sort myself out. Then about 10.30am said goodbye to Naomi who was going to have a quiet day at home and set off in car to Middlesbrough. Stopped at Post Office to send of COP forms for Betty at long last. It’s a long time since I’ve driven the Jag any further than Lancaster so it was good to have a long run. Weather was damp all the way. And there were lots of roadworks on the way. Stopped at Kirkby Stephen to stretch legs and buy lunch and then continued to Middlesbrough.

Stopped at house but only had enough time to eat lunch before heading to care home. Had meeting at 2pm arranged by CAB. Richard needs more information to understand his financial position. So I had prepared several documents for him and handed them over. Meeting could have been over in 10 minutes really but we talked for about an hour. Had a good chat with manager as well; good to establish that relationship. Then returned to house and did a bit of tidying before heading home.

Caught a bit of rush hour traffic around towns but that was gone once past Darlington. No stops this time. Home for about 6.30pm

Cooked chicken for tea and tried to do Canarian potatoes. I think I put too much salt in the water to cook the potatoes. 🙂 But it wasn’t far off the mark.

After another busy day didn’t want to do anything for the rest of the evening.

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