Diary – 14th July 2015

it was REALLY hard to get out of bed this morning when the alarm went off. But I made it. Weather was dry so shorts on. 

Down to school. Some kids arrived before I did. We started in the library and it got very noisy and the kids were starting to have a go at each other so I was glad when we got outside. Got asked the strangest question in the playground, “Mr Elliott, do you prefer whisky or chocolate?”  It was only as I walked  home I guessed at what was going on. 

Spent the morning indoors: read newspaper, did BP, played guitar, cleaned out all the jars I brought home from Middlesbrough. 

After lunch I went out and did hedge-cutting for an hour or so. That produced about 5 wheelbarrows full of clippings. 

Came indoors and watched end of TdF stage. 

Had tea by myself, a pizza. Then headed in to Lancaster for LBC holiday club prep meeting. 

Home for 9.30pm. Watched TV before bed. 

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