Diary – 21st July 2015

i was asleep when the alarm rang. Correction – it doesn’t ring, the radio plays. 

Another dry morning so early birds was outside, but there was only one girl until almost 8.30am. She and her mother had baked a cake and she showed it to me in the staff room.  Bell was rung early because of panto rehearsal. 

Headed home and read paper waiting for pest control man. He didn’t arrive until 11am. He spent half an hour dealing with a wasp nest in the wall of my office. Left with the advice that I should stay out for a couple of hours. 

Washed greenhouse plants again and repotted some of my chilli plants.  I’m pleased to see several green chillies but we also have strawberries ripening, lots of tomatoes and flowers on the cucumber plants. 

After lunch it was time to head down to school. My last session of listening to readers. It was very hard to concentrate with all the noise going on around us. And home again after an hour. 

Time for my job search and then did some more of the Cyber Security course. 

And down to village again. Time for the school panto. I thought pantos were something for Christmas, but there you go. Had time to chat to a few people beforehand and then got myself a seat with a good view. Was an excellent show. 

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