Diary – 22nd July 2015

for once I was asleep when the alarm went off. It’s the last day of the school term. 

Down to school and kids were arriving almost at the same time. Lots of them wanted to hold a guinea pig for the last time. One of the leavers gave me a little present, another brought a box of cakes she had made and offered me one. And then it started to rain so the kids were allowed in early and I headed home. 

And headed staring back to school in car with gloves and hammer. I had asked to take the pallet from the skip and head asked me to tidy it up a bit. There wasn’t much other burnable wood and not much to do unless I emptied the skip and started again. That took about half an hour. Secretary didn’t know of anything else I could help with so I headed home again. 

Only a brief stop to tend greenhouse, read paper and then I headed back to village again. This time for the end-of-year worship service in the church. More of a celebration for the school leavers. I was given as a parent for my work as breakfast club leader and “our school’s male role-model”. 

Headed home again. Lunch time. 

Spent the afternoon doing cyber security course and a little guitar playing and caught the end of the TdF. 

After tea I was out to Lancaster for my Connect group. Our study on 2 Tim 1 was very hard work. 

Didn’t get home until gone 10pm

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