Diary – 26th July 2015

Awake early even though it’s Sunday. Think I’m worrying because I have to stand up at church to say something and I’m not prepared yet.

So up quite early (for a Sunday!), quick breakfast and then on to the computer to prepare a couple of pages to report along with photos and videos. And this is where I learned a lesson. If you record a video on an Apple device, you should hold the device with the volume control buttons by your left hand. That way, the video will be correctly oriented when viewed on a Windows PC. If you don’t then the video will be sideways or upside-down. In the short time I had left myself I didn’t have time to find a solution.

Said goodbye to Naomi and headed to Lancaster in car. Got free on-street parking; thank goodness for summer! Sorted out my photos with AV desk and then went out to meet a friend who asked to come to church with me; a former colleague from LU. My talk in the service went OK and the sermon was great, all about the Prodigal Son. Afterwards friend and I got in car and headed home.

Naomi had cooked roast chicken for lunch. That was nice. It was raining after lunch so our normal afternoon activities with friends such as walk round garden or to a cafe or up Nicky Nook were no good. We switched on TV and found women’s cycle racing so watched that for a while. Then played Ticket to Ride.

Went out in car to Walling’s for an ice-cream. I had Christmas Pudding flavour. Quick look round shop as well. Then back to Scorton and brief stop at Barn. And then home.

Time for Tour de France. I think we caught it just after they arrived on the Champ d’Elysees the first time. Good sprint finish but Sky kept out of it. Some odd rule that final classification times were taken after the first circuit??

Then it was time for Naomi to go to church so Raffi went with her. I cleared up in the kitchen and remembered to watch Humans

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