Diary – 27th July 2015

up at 7.20am. No sign of workmen on the road when I walked down to shop. 

After breakfast Naomi left for work, I sat with TV and read paper, took blood pressure, did my job search and then did some hoovering. 

Needed to go out for a geocache so once I had decided where to go I packed lunch and went out in the car. Drove to glasson dock, parked car and walked along old railway line. Stopped at bench and sat down to eat lunch which was a perfect disguise for hunting for the cache. Sos it was an easy find. Finished lunch and then back to car and back home. 

Spent most of the afternoon reading the next section of the cyber security course. Pleased that I managed to get through all the material for the week but a bit disappointed that I only scored 14 / 15 in the test at the end. 

And sorted out a load of jam jars for holiday club. 

Tea was a fry-up of left-overs from yesterday’s roast. 

Went for a walk in the rain down the road to see what the roadworks are about 

It certainly does block to road but they are making good progress. Came home and more left-overs: the sticky toffee pudding. 🙂

And watched TV for the rest of the evening

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