Diary – 28th July 2015

lots of heavy rain overnight. I didn’t sleep well. 

Up at usual time, dressed and down to the village. A brief pause in the rain while I was out. No sign of anyone working on the road. 

Naomi was late going to work and that disrupted my morning routine, but everything got done. 

Late morning decided to walk down to village to test new bank card in ATM. Found that road is completely blocked at roadworks; maybe they would have stopped for me to walk past but I’d rather not interrupt them in the hope they might get the job finished. So I diverted my walk along the path to Tithebarn Lane. Card worked! I was able to check the account balance. And then headed home. Said hello to some friends in the village. Diversion meant my walk lasted the best part of an hour. 


Weather seemed to be improving so I went outside and made a start on hedge-trimming. Very quickly produced large volumes of trimmings but then battery went flat so I had to stop. And very shortly after that rain started falling again. 

Time for some exercise. Row or YSFE? YSFE won. Some cardio boxing and and an ‘extreme’ routine. 150kCal. 

Cooked salmon for tea and added a homegrown chilli. Saved the seeds to see if they will germinate. 

In the evening we had a go at playing Rocksmith. 

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