Diary – 1st August 2015

well, this was a funny day. 

Started off just like a normal Saturday. I was awake earlier than I would have liked. In fact I only dozed from about 4am. 

So I got up at about 7.30am, got the papers, ate a quick breakfast and then planned a geocaching trip. 

Found one that was fairly close to home but involved a walk across a field after a short drive. Left the house at about 8.30am. Recent rain made the path a bit muddy. I thought I was having a peaceful walk but was surprised that Garstang Show was already underway with horse jumping and I could hear the PA all the way. Felt a bit sorry for the people living in houses next to the show field who must have got an early morning surprise. 

Cache was an easy find and then a quick walk back to car and drive home. Back before Naomi had got up; she didn’t even know I’d been out!!

She was up shortly after and went straight out to Pilates class. I pottered around during a few chores. Made some sandwiches and ate mine. Then went and got changed into suit. 

Naomi came home, got changed and then we were off in car to Lancaster. 

Wedding day. (Not ours, some friends!)

Got to church in good time which was good as I was doing AV. Seems like the crèche was upstairs with us. 

After the service we went to the memorial gardens for photos. 

Then we drove around the city, parked and walked to The Storey for the afternoon reception. Unusual in that speeches happened before food. Meal was very good. Look at the menu:

I had salmon for starter. 

And roast pork for main. 

Served with bread – a very French meal. Although groom told me all the cheese was British. The dessert was very nice but I didn’t take a photo 🙂

Once the meal was over we had to move downstairs for the evening event – a ceilidh. I did quite a lot of dancing. Fuelled by alcohol. Chatted with a few people not seen for a long time. Only left some time about 11.30pm. 

Which made for a very late bed-time: 12.30am. 

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