Diary – 12th August 2015

had a good sleep. Up at 7.20am. Bought croissants at shop. Heard Naomi getting up while I was eating breakfast. After a bit of clearing up from yesterday had a second breakfast of a half croissant sitting outside in the sun. 

Left in car at about 9.45am. On a day trip to Tatton Park. Took about an hour to get there. Looked round the gardens. Kitchen garden was very impressive. Missed rose garden because of steps. Then through woods to massive gunners plant. Japanese garden, choragic monument, African hut and a march up the so-called Broad walk. Found maze, went in and found way to middle and out again. Through conservatory. 

Lunchtime. Not impressed. No choice of sandwiches. Sat outside to eat in bright Sunshine and plagued by wasps. 

Went back into garden hoped to find orchid house but couldn’t see it. Ended up at Italian garden in front of mansion and sat in shade for a while. Then made way back to car. 

Too early to go home so we decided to head to Trafford Centre. Not far at all in car. 

Walked aisles methodically. Stopped at Pizza Hut for early tea and had a Supreme pizza to share. Completed our walk along aisles and left centre with a box a freezer labels. 

Headed home. 

Had time to do some job hunting before bed. 

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