Diary – 13th August 2015

an early start this morning – up at 6.45am, just like a work day!! And a lovely sunny morning. 

Left with Naomi in her car, dropped her off at uni and then drove down to Preston. Car service day. Booked for 9.30am. Expected it would take maybe a couple of hours. Arrived there in good time and when I booked it in the guy told me it wouldn’t be ready until mid-afternoon. There go my plans for grass cutting this afternoon!!

At least I had plans to visit a friend in the morning. Walked from garage along back streets and found her house following directions on my phone. good to chat with Heidi. Stayed there for about an hour. 

Left about 11, guessed my way on paths and soon found myself by river. Had an earth cache in mind but it relied on being at the river at low tide and it wasn’t so I gave up. Walked into Preston centre and bought lunch. Returned to Avenham park, found a quiet bench to eat. 

Found path over old ram bridge and followed path to another cache. Couldn’t find it. Returned to park and stopped at cafe for a cup of tea. Free wifi!!!

Walked back to city centre. Bought some pens and set off back towards garage. Found a couple of caches along the way. 

Got back to garage at about 3pm hoping they might be finished early. Fat chance. Receptionist came over and said they had found a puncture which needed a new tyre. I ok’ed it. Shouldn’t take long, right?  Hour and a half later he came back to say the car was ready. 

Headed back on motorway, straight to uni campus to pick up Naomi. 

Left-over pizza for tea with a bit of salad. 

Did my job search afterwards and then started on this week’s cyber sec module. 

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