Diary – 19th August 2015

didn’t sleep well – woke up in middle of night with stomach ache and in a sweat and hardly slept after that. So struggled out of bed at 7.20am. 

Down at the shop they had freshly baked croissants on the counter so I bought 2 for breakfast. Came home and had my usual  porridge before Naomi got up. Cleared up a bit and then Naomi got up, we are the croissants sitting outside on the terrace. 

It’s a holiday day. We left in the car and drove up to the Lake District. The road wasn’t busy until we were almost at Ambleside when we joined a slow moving queue. But we turned left and avoided the town. Then turned right to get to Loughrigg Tarn. Wanting to do one of the “Miles without stiles” walks. So we parked up and took a farm track round one side of the tarn. It was mostly a gentle uphill with lovely views across to the Langdale pikes. We walked past a house with some very pretty flowers and wondered what they are. 


Does anyone know?

Only half the walk was on-track. We had to make our way Back to the car along the road which was mostly downhill and so much easier for a wheelchair. 

Back in the car we drove to Elterwater, through the village and along a back road which took us to the road going to Wrynose Pass (which we didn’t want) and then to Coniston. Parked and went for lunch at The Yewdale. I had something called a Fell-walker’s platter which sounded very similar to a ploughman’s lunch, but I don’t suppose they have many ploughmen in Coniston!!

After lunch we drove back to Ambleside where there were still long traffic queues and this time we avoided the queue by turning right towards Windermere and we stopped at Hayes garden centre. Had a good look around at everything and came away with a parasol base for £10!!

Back in the car we drove to Staveley. Walked round Wheelbase bike shop, marvelled at the new style bikes with tyres almost as fat as car tyres. Walked round to Wilf’s cafe for a drink and cake. Tea and a piece of chocolate brownie for me. 

And then we headed home in the rain. Lots of traffic around Kendal, apparently due to sheep on the M6!! Took A6 for a change but at Carnforth turned on to motorway rather than hitting Lancaster in evening rush-hour. 

Made a mix of tuna, pasta and cheese sauce for tea. 

Remembered to my job search before bed. 🙂

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