Diary – 24th August 2015

i was awake a bit early. Still damp outside underfoot but weather looked promising. 

Once Naomi had left I sat and read the paper, did my job search, put on a laundry load. 

Then sorted myself to go out and find that geocache I worked out yesterday. Just a quick drive to the New Holly and a short walk. My trainers got soaked. Found it easily because I read the clue but I think I would have found it anyway. 

Drove home. Shredded some more newspaper. Took a pair of scissors to our chives and hacked them down. This was recommended on Gardners’ World the other week. I hope they are right. 

Came indoors and decided to mop the floor before tea. It was surprisingly hot work. 

Had lunch and went out in the garden again. Dug out what I think was a beech seedling growing in front of a hydrangea and replanted it near the lawn. Let’s wait and see if it survives. 

Had a look at this week’s module on the Cyber Sec course. Lots of reading and lots of detail about different laws. Did some guitar playing. 

Noticed that by 5pm outdoor temperature had dropped quickly so closed greenhouse door. 

Cooked salmon steaks for tea. We judged them not as nice as the fillets we often have as the steaks have bones in them. 

And the evening in front of the TV

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