Diary – 27th August 2015

Had a morning at home doing my usual things.

Found a suggestion on the web that you can clean car headlamps with toothpaste to make them brighter again. Gave it a go. Can’t see any difference.

After lunch I packed things for an afternoon out. Not sur of the weather so even packed a raincoat despite the sunshine at home.

Into car and drove up to Lake District.

Parked first at  Miller Howe. Lovely view across lake to Langdale pikes. Took photos and then went for a walk. Looked for a geocache down the hill towards the lake but couldn’t find it. There was a very pretty waterfall though. Then went across the road to look for another geocache and did find it. Hurrah!

Back to car and drove further into town and parked again. Went for a walk along a path called Sheriff’s Walk. Tried for 2 more geocaches but couldn’t find either. Returned to where car was parked and thee was another cache there. Watched as two Chinese people were obviously looking for it but they couldn’t find it. As it was so busy I gave up and returned to car.

Drove down to Bowness lakeside and parked again. Lots of people around. Tried for a cache near the lake and couldn’t find it. Then walked into town for another one, couldn’t find it. Third time lucky, maybe? Yes!  Found one, but oops! Dropped the top of the film canister and couldn’t see it anywhere. Did my best to wedge things in the canister using more paper and refixing it upside down and then mailed owner to apologise. Then retraced steps thinking about food. Already felt the temperature was falling so decided to find somewhere indoors rather than take-away. Ah, a pub! Ordered pepperoni pizza with a coke.

Then headed back to piers to take part in geocaching event. There were only a dozen or so of us in total and it must have looked odd to anyone else. Stayed there for 30 mins or so. Here we all are in a group photo, except for the Belgian ladt who took the photo:

group photoWe chatted a bit, ate Belgian chocolate, swapped TBs. and I completed my Geocaching road trip souvenir!! Left the event just after 8pm after having a group photo. Back to car and headed home.

Back home for 9pm.

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