Diary – 1st September 2015

spent several hours in the middle of the night wide-awake so come gettin up time I was rather tired. Felt a bit more like a weekend as Naomi was having a day off work. So I did my walk to the shop, came home, had breakfast and read the paper, tended to the greenhouse and was just about to do some laundry when she got up. 

Did my daily job search, surprised how few new jobs there were. Started the final week of the final Cyber Security course. 

After every lunch I set to with the lawn mower. Much easier than last time as grass was shorter and not as wet. Then helped Naomi re-arranging the greenhouse. 

Cooked chicken fajitas and corn in the cob for tea. Then we went to Booths. 

Back to doing guitar practice at 9pm. Carried on until my finger-tips complained. 

Must remember to set my alarm for the morning…

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