Diary – 2nd September 2015

And so a new school year starts. My alarm went off at 6.45am – I was fast asleep at the time. Felt a bit cold so I discarded my shorts and reverted to long trousers. And when it came to leaving the house I even put on a coat.

Down at school in good time and there was already a mother with her son waiting. Head-mistress was there as well. New arrangements for children arriving so they don’t disturb teachers in school but not relevant as we stayed outside. Lots of new things in the playground but climbing wall seemed most popular. When the bell rang there were a few mothers crying to see their children going to their first day at school.

Finished at 9am, got my paper and retreated home. Back to morning routine. After job search and connect group prep I decided to go out and work in garden. Strimmed the area north of the house but as grass has grown very long a lot of it was lying down.

Came in, had lunch and then went back out to garden to continue. Realised that weeds have taken over a large area that should be grassed so dug them up and revealed a stone edge to a flower bed. Ended up with a HUGE pile of weeds

Also on and off through the day I tried to catch up on guitar practice.

Cooked some mine for tea, used a whole chilli. It was quite spicy.

Had enough time for a session on the rowing machine – 6500 metres. At some point when I finished I twisted and got a twinge in my back that stayed with me all evening.

Baked potatoes for tea with the mince. Ate mine before Naomi came home and then t was back to normal for a Wednesday. I left about 6.20pm and drove to Lancaster for my guitar lesson. Good to see Paul again and we chatted a bit before starting to play. Quick reprise of what we were doing last year and then we looked at new material. Sweet child of mine by Guns N’Roses with some quite complicated finger work and at the end we quickly covered Dark Night by Deep Purple. He could tell I knew the tune because I worked out where the notes were going.

Had a chat with Graham who was waiting and then it was off the my Connect group. A good discussion about the opening chapters of Romans. Finished a bit early so when I got home I could do a bit of guitar playing.

Watched a bit of TV before bed

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