Diary – 10th September 2015

still feeling ok as I get up in the mornings, thought fatigue would be getting me again but not so. 

Clear skies and it warmed up quickly as sun rose. 

Early birds was ok, headmistress told boys not to play cricket against her office wall so they ended up standing around with emir hand in their pockets. There was excitement when a man turned up to fix the snags with the new equipment and wanted to drive his van into the playground. 

Came home, Naomi was having a day off work but was still in bed. I sat and read the paper, did my job search and a few other chores before she got up. Sat out in the sun. 

After lunch we drove down to Barton Grange. Guess what? They’re already starting to put up their Christmas displays. Came home via Garstang for a quick stop at sainsburys. 

Came home, had a cup of tea and then set to making some chutney using homegrown apples and homegrown chillies. Took ages to prepare the ingredients, particularly chopping the apples, but eventually it was all in the pan


Left it simmering for 2 hours before pouring it into jars

Hurrah! Mock the week is back on TV. 

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