Diary – 15th September 2015

lots of heavy rain overnight but it had passed by the time I got up. 

Early birds was busy again. There was new play equipment which kept the children occupied. 

Came home, tended greenhouse, read paper, did job search. 

Went out in car to do shop at Booths. It’s lovely and quiet in the mornings, but there are quite a lot of old people moving around very slowly!!

Home for about midday, while I was putting away and tidying in the kitchen, got delivery from Amazon – my new drill / driver. 

After lunch I walked back down to the school. Had agreed to do reading support with Mrs Naylor’s class. I was there for 2pml but the children were doing PE and didn’t come back until 2.15pm. One girl wanted to read her whole story so I didn’t get to listen to many children. 

Came home, had a drink and decided to do a row. Rowed well for 15 minutes, was on pace for for 6800m in 30:00 but couldn’t keep up the pace and slowed dramatically. 

An easy tea of mackerel fillets. After clearing up I did some guitar practice before settling in front of the TV for a while. 

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