Diary – 21st September 2015

and another week starts. Surprisingly easy to get out of bed. It was wet outside. 

Had breakfast and headed down to school. Decided early birds should be indoors as i thought it was about to start raining. Got kids drawing something about the weekend. Rain didn’t happen so we went outside at 8.30am. Had a conversation with a teacher about my raised bed and a project she had in mind. We were mid-way through th conversation when we had to stop to chase a guinea pig under a bush but retrieved it after a few minutes. 

Came home and had a few minutes before a group of ladies from Lancaster arrived. The Cross Cultures team. I sorted them out and had enough time to do my daily job search before going to the village Bible study. 

A good morning. I experimented by reading the notes on my iPad. Had to use iPhone signal as web pages wanted to reload. Came he woke just after midday. 

Ladies went out to lunch at 1230. So I had my lunch and did a few chores. When the ladies returned at about 2.30pm I retreated to my office, practiced guitar and started a new future learn course on robotics. Had enough time to complete the whole of week 1. 

Ladies left about 4.30pm. I went straight out to find a geocache at Nateby. So that’s 6 1/2 months on my calendar now. Pressure increasing on the day I still have to tick off. 

Came home, watched Pointless and then had to rush to get tea made. 

Left house again at 7pm heading to Lancaster. Attending my first LBC lighthouse meeting. I got co-opted onto staff šŸ™‚ lots of non-lighthouse chat so I didn’t get home until after 10pm. 

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