Diary – 23rd September 2015

one of the features of late summer / autumn is spiders. There was a massive one in the bath this morning when I went for my morning shower. Managed to put it out of the window. 

Breakfast and then down to school for early birds club. Weather was dry so we were outside again. Seemed to have several problems with kranky kids. And then another problem when someone dropped a Guiana pig. Feel a bit self-conscious when the head-mistress is present…

Came home, did job search and prepared for a trip to job centre. Got my times mixed up and suddenly had some spare time so picked up my guitar. 

Eventually set off in car heading to Lancaster at about 1130. Went along back lanes via Quernmore. Noticed a building site with 3 pallets. 

Parked on Aberdeen St, walked to B&Q and back to centre before heading to job centre. Had invite on time with my advisor, John, who wasn’t sure while I was there. He’s ok, but I wonder if I take advantage of him a bit. We rewrote my contract and arranged an interview with a career adviser.  Roll on next Friday. 🙂

Came straight home, just enough time for lunch before heading down to school for JaM club. We sang along with  a song on YouTube, then I read the story about Samson with lots of sound effects and then we coloured in lion masks. It went well. 

Came home, short guitar practice and then cooked an omelette for tea. 

And then was back in car driving to Lancaster. Got to motorway junction roundabout to find queuing traffic so turned onto back roads and drove to Lancaster via Quernmore again. pallets were still there!

Arrived in good time for guitar lesson. Played La Grande and then looked at smart dressed man. Half an hour went v quickly. 

No then drove to Clive and Ruth’s for connect group. Only 4 of us. Looked at last Sunday’s sermon and read the passage for next week and came up with a few thoughts about it before prayer time. Finished shortly after 9pm. 

Came home, played a bi t of guitar before watching TV for a while. 

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