Diary – 25th September 2015

Another dry, but cool, morning. Hurrah for Fridays! Early birds was a bit odd as it was all boys until 8.30am or so. And there were a dozen boys. So I let them play with a proper football. 

Came home and Naomi was still in bed so I got busy in the kitchen. Visitors coming this evening so I quickly got a main course on the go: seared some pork loin chops on the grill and then put them in the slow cooker and covered them with chopped tomatoes. And that was that. Then started on soup for our starter. Trying the recipe for beetroot and chilli soup. When I started on the beetroot I discovered they were not the usual kind. I’ve never heard of chioggia beetroot before. When I peeled off the red skin they were white underneath but after a couple of minutes that turned red. Weird!!  Last time I only added one chilli, this time I tried two. End result was orange soup with quite a kick, but not too over-powering. 

Had time to do my job search before lunch, but nothing to consider applying for. 

After lunch did a bit of tidying and cleaning. Made a fruit salad for dessert. 

Quick walk down to shop for cream and ice-cream. Who knew that ice-cream is NOT gluten-free?

Got back home and had enough time for a rowing session. Managed 6731 metres – second best distance ever. 

So we had invited the new vicar and his wife over for the evening. They arrived about 6pm. We went for a short walk round the garden and then sat down to eat. Checked that they like spicy food before serving the soup. All went down well and we had a good conversation over the meal. They left about 8.30pm. 

Did a bit of clearing up and watched some TV before bed. 

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