Diary – 26th September 2015

It’s my birthday!!

I still wake up early. Had been down to the shop, eaten breakfast and read newspaper and was busy washing up from last night when Naomi came down.

So now I could open my presents 🙂

Naomi has bought me a Fitbit. We do like our technology in this house, And she got me some very sensible bed socks to keep my feet warm at night

So then we spent the rest of the morning mostly in the sun on the terrace setting up my Fitbit.

Kathryn and Mick turned up at 1pm. We chatted for a while and I opened more presents and then we headed down to the Barn for lunch I was surprised how busy it was, just one or two free tables. I had a duck breast salad which was very tasty.

When we’d finished we had a good look round the shop before getting in the car and heading to the Pudding House. We had enormous ice-cream sundaes. 3 scoops of ice-cream; I had christmas pudding, rhubarb and custard and stem ginger, with a topping (smarties) and whipped cream on top. So that took a while to eat.


Drove home and we played a game of Pointless.

Kathryn and Mick left to head home and we retired upstairs to watch the rugby.

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