Diary – 28th September

it was a lunar eclipse overnight so I set an alarm (on my Fitbit) for 3am. It worked. So I got up, admired the red moon. Struggled to get the moon on the camera viewfinder and then the battery died anyway and I couldn’t remember where the other one was. So I retired back to bed. Don’t think I slept much after that. 

Up at 6.45am feeling a bit dozy. Down at school it was very quiet. By myself for 10 minutes or so and then we had another boys’ club. Stayed very calm, more chat than running around. 

Came home, read paper and watered greenhouse. Time for Monday morning Bible study down the road. All the regulars at here and we had a good chat. 

Walked home and sat for a while on terrace with cat on my lap before having lunch. 

Afternoon was spent scanning COP documents and playing a bit of guitar in between. 

Then had time to do a rowing session, my best ever. 6783 metres. 

Got tea ready and then waited for Paul. 

He turned up at 6.30 and we went out for a ride. From house to Higher Lane and up Grizedale, bear left and onto Long Lane and back beside fishing lake. Only 38 minutes. 

Had a bowl of mince for tea and found the spicy bit. 

And watched TV til bedtime. 

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