Diary – 29th September 2015

up at 6.45am, feeling the effects of all yesterday’s exercise. 

Down to school and it was quite warm on the way down. Early birds was unusual again;  this time because we had a few new kids turn up early who normally just arrive in time for start of lessons. Sat at table most of time chatting again. 

Came home, read paper, did job search. Spent a while in the garden pruning currant bushes. 

Came in for lunch and then had a look at robotics course. 

Time to head back down to school for listening to readers. Kids had been a bit crazy so had to calm down. I think I had half a dozen. One commented “I don’t know much about you”. Should I mention that to his teacher??

Came home, had a quick cup of tea and then went back into garden and finished pruning fruit bushes. 

Came in again, did a bit more of robotics course and then watched a bit of Pointless. 

Naomi came home and we went straight out in car with me driving. A quick dry up the motorway and turn off towards Kendal and then onto back roads to a little place called Brigsteer. Met up with niece and nephew and had meal together at the Wheatsheaf Hotel. A very pleasant evening; tasty food and good conversation. I had whitebait and then I think it was called supreme of guinea fowl:

Set off back about 8.30pm and were home at 9.15pm. Watched a bit of TV before bed. Not sure what I’ve done, but I had back ache by the time I got to bed. 

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