Diary – October 2nd 2015

Another chilly morning and a bit misty down the bottom of the hill. Early Birds is always quiet on a Friday but this week there were children as soon as I arrived at the school. Even one mother who bragged she had arrived before me. It was all boys early on again; some were playing a game where they kicked a football right over the roof of the school building. I was glad the head-teacher wasn’t around.

Dashed home at 9am and got things sorted out for Job Centre. Weather nice enough to go by bike. Left at 9.45am; that’s an hour to travel. Passed my former HoD on road at Forton and yelled a hello at him. The closer I got to Lancaster the more the fog closed in and the temperature dropped. Arrived with just a few minutes to spare.

I sat down next to the desk of the woman from the careers service but she hadn’t realised I was waiting (!!) until a receptionist spoke to her. We talked for best part of an hour. She was a bit ditzy. Then went round the corner to do my fortnightly signing on.

All done by 12pm. Cycled to Aldcliffe and had lunch with NISCU group. And from there cycled to NISCU office and talked about IT issues and tried to give advice. All done by 2pm or so and set off to ride home. Weather much better.

Rode along canal and road to Aldcliffe and then down to old railway line. Stopped behind golf course to grab a geocache and then stopped at Cafe de Lune for cake.IMG_5283

Got home, showered and then walked down to village for birthday card. Came home with fat-balls as well.

Naomi arrived back shortly after. I went out to chippy to buy tea and chatted with neighbour while we waited for our orders.

Having problems with TV so we sat downstairs for a while but retreated back to snug and I made a fire – first one of the autumn

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