Diary – 4th October 2015

Sunday morning and I still wake up early so watched lots of TV while I had breakfast.

Left house 9.30am to drive to LBC An interesting morning as I had been asked to take charge of Lighthouse. Except that pastor sent us out much earlier than expected and there were more children than normal. Fortunately, Denise had realised and came out with us and took charge, organising a couple of get-to-know-you games before we turned to the craft and coloured in harvest pictures for cards. Once service was over we tidied up and I left to make way home

Meatballs for lunch. And then we went out for a drive to Glasson Dock. A short walk across bridge to ice-cream shop. Greeted by a child from school with mother and grand-mother who was very pleased to meet me.

Came home and I set to cutting grass; maybe the last time this year? Tried to measure walking on fitbit but it paused itself part-way through.

Shortly after that Naomi went out for evening. I tried to look up some guitar tab for tunes we’re working on but failed. Tried to continue robotics course which meant a practical exercise controlling a robot on a web page and didnt do very well.

So watched TV until bed-time

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