Diary – 6th October 2015

gosh, it was dark when I got up. Realised when I got out of bed it was because it was so cloudy. But no rain. 

So I got down to the school and after yesterday was determined to have early birds outside. Mrs o’brian asked Izzy to clean out the guinea pig hutch which she started once other children arrived. Took us most of the hour and I got quite involved. So hour went quite quickly. 

Back home read paper, took BP and then went upstairs to do job search and  and had a look at national careers website but struggled because pages were loading very slowly. 

Next job was to make another batch of beetroot soup. 

After lunch went back to computer and finished week 2 of robotics course. Tried to look at week 3 but had to download video and it was taking up to an hour. 

Did some skills tests on the national careers website. Struggled with the numbers problems, all to do with percentages and ratios. 

Naomi came home and we had sausages for tea. 

Almost straight away went out in car to Lancaster to Ann’s house for a games evening. Played game  about pizza deliveries. Left shortly after 9pm and watched a bit of TV before bed. 

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