Diary – October 5th 2015

Another week starts. I didn’t sleep well, don’t know why. Worrying about today’s activities??

Weather forecast was threatening rain, but it was still dry when I got up and still dry as I walked down to village, but very overcast. So a quick consult with teachers and we started Early Birds indoors. Nice and quiet for a while with everyone drawing, but at about 8.20am it started getting a bit rowdy; not surprising really, 8-year old boys aren’t interested in drawing. So we went outside for the rest of the morning.

Back home briefly and as I sat and read the paper the rain came down very heavily. Wondered if I would be more sensible to take car. Got a phone call to ask if I had some spare bamboo. Ha ha. We have 3 plants (?) Cut half a dozen canes to 4 feet.

Then I set off again (on foot) to village with my handful of canes. Rain had all but stopped so no need for car. Met with Linda and Denis and Anton at church. Later joined by Jane, Ruth and Dennis. So we got ready for doing our presentation for the school assembly. I had a minor role of holding two sheets of material in place to represent water and earth. Children arrived slightly late and then we had assembly with the story of creation. Seemed to go well and everyone enjoyed it. Hopefully children will remember the story.

Home for 12.45pm. Laundry to hang out before lunch. Tiredness hit me.

Spent large part of afternoon trying to do robotics course. Internet VERY slow so couldn’t play online videos, they took 30 minutes each to download.

Naomi came home, I cooked salmon for tea.

I went out at 7pm for a LBC deacons’ meeting. Seemed to be mostly an information evening. Finished at 9pm and drove home.

Watched a bit of TV before bed.

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