Diary – 7th October 2015

another good night’s sleep. Lots of rain over night and a very gloomy morning. 

Down at school I asked for advice about whether early birds should be indoors or out but no one would commit. Two girls came in to play on iPads but one boy turned up and wanted to play football so I went outside. One slight injury because the sponge ball was soaking wet but otherwise went well. 

Came home and read paper, did job search while Naomi was getting up. Tried to catch up with robotics course but couldn’t watch videos online and downloading was taking an age. So found some time for guitar practice. Also did some work on skills tests on national careers service website. 

We had soup for lunch. 

Carried on with robotics course and skills test in afternoon. Finished skills test and got back analysis. 

Chopped up some cardboard boxes and then made tea. One chilli and some cayenne powder and it was very spicy. 

Time to head out with guitar in boot. Played some Elbow, Dire Straits and something else (!). Then off to connect group. Only 4 of us but we had a good study and prayer time. Finished at 9.30pm and drove home. Watched a bit of TV before bed. 

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