Diary – 8th October 2015

Woke up to another pleasant morning with blue sky.

Down at school I was first person on-site and had to wait for a teacher to open up. Girls wanted to clean guinea pig hutch again which kept them busy but near bell time older kids were all over climbing wall trying to retrieve a ball. Fortunately head didn’t see

Came home, read paper, did  job search, played some guitar, watched some robotics videos, tidied up in kitchen. what an exciting morning.

Left house at noon and drove to Lancaster, to Ridge. Time for our weekly Job Club. Started with chips for lunch. First job for me was to get broadband working. Little more than plug it in and switch on. Then had a good chat with Linda. Finished shortly after 2pm

Came home and did a bit more of robotics course before walking down to school again. Invited to attend staff meeting to hear someone from Diocese talk about RE curriculum. Well, it was quite interesting. Went on for a bit over an hour before I walked home.

Arrived at house at same time as Naomi returning from work. We had yesterday’s left-overs for tea with wholemeal pasta.

Spent evening trying repeatedly to download a video for the robotics course which only partially completes and then fails. 😦

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