Diary – 12 October 2015

One day late and I struggle to remember what I did yesterday!

The start of a new week, but no problem getting out of bed. Except it was cold. And rather dark. 

Down at the school I tried to encourage the children to run around to keep warm. Most of them got into a big game of football but it broke down after a while with an accusation of bullying. I had some of the younger ones cuddling Guinea pigs. 

Came back home, sat down and read newspaper and then headed down road for village Bible study. That was a good time. Last week I tried using my iPad to keep up with the UCB notes but this week I borrowed a booklet. I’ve now requested to get the daily notes by email so I’ll give that a go next week. 

Came home at about 12pm. Did my job search before lunch. After lunch planned a geocaching trip and also a trip to the Mobility shop with the broken wheelchair footrest. Did that first, but it took an age for them to order the part. In an age of Amazon next-day delivery it seems odd that a shop can’t get something ordered for a week.  The geocache I intended was a short drive away. I parked about 500m and walked along the road. Got tot the spot, found the cache and was in the process of signing the log when I heard the chug-chug of an approaching farm vehicle. Farmer stopped and asked if if was lost. Explained what I was doing and he told me about a time he had met a trig-pointer before getting back to his work. And I walked back to the car and headed home. 

Once home I repeated upstairs and spent a while,on the robotics course. Internet speed was better so didn’t need so much time to save videos. 

Naomi came home, we had  spicy chicken for tea and then went out shopping to Booths. 

Came home and I did a bit of guitar playing and a bit more of the robotics course. 

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