Diary – 15th October 2015

Another cold morning but Early Birds was outside. Another morning with lots of balls flying around and one little girl was standing too close to the basketball hoop and got a surprise when a ball bounced on her head. Funnily enough, it was her brother who had thrown the ball. Also noticed the head-mistress was patrolling the playground; was she monitoring me? Back in the office talked to Sarah about the school’s first aid course and confirmed I would attend – 6 hours overtime!!!

Back home and the morning was just the same as yesterday – job search, and more robotics course. I got stuck on the final exercise.

Left house in car at midday. Drove to Lancaster centre. Stopped at LBC to collect new baptistry which was three large boxes and one smaller one. (Should have taken a photo) Then drove to Ridge and our premises which is being named Square One. That’s where we all start. Bag of chips for lunch and then we got to work on assembling baptistry. Didn’t take long before it was finished and Linda was able to model it


Then another job was to put new hinges on a cupboard door. Would have taken my new driver if I’d known. I’m always wary of hinges because I’m worried about not getting things square. But this time it was perfect. Even the latch to hold the doors together was in just the right position!! And that was about the end of our time. Funny, I thought the ide of our Job Club was to help residents find and apply for jobs, but so far it’s been about giving me and other volunteers jobs to do!!!

Drove home via Garstang to collect prescription and buy some light-bulbs.  Naomi beat me home as she had been on a work trip to Aintree.

Padded out yesterday’s leftovers with more veg with pasta and later on we made an apple crumble.

Had one last look at the robotics exercise and got it nearly right.

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