Diary – October 16th

Surprised how dark it was first thing, because of clouds. Which meant it was warmer outside. So Early Birds was outside. And like every other Friday, everyone turns up late. Headmistress was in the playground again. She asked for children to clean the guinea pig hutch but did the messy stuff herself. I ended up finishing it off.

Came home and had a quick turn-around to get ready for cycling. Left house at 09.34am heading to Lancaster. Yes, it’s time for my fortnightly visit to the Job Centre! Fitbit said I was doing about 24mph along the cyclepath. Arrived in good time, advisor saw me early and we had a good conversation: his dental repairs, my colonoscopy, the music festival.

From there cycled to Peter’s house, my old boss, to visit. He’s obviously weak from a stroke. Stayed and chatted for about an hour.

Then back on bike via Stodday and back onto cyclepath. Stopped at cafe d’Lune for lunch. Bacon and egg bun, flapjack and tea. And then carried on home and arrived about 1.45pm.

Had a shower and moreorless collapsed for the afternoon.

Pizza, garlic bread and beer for tea and finished crumble a bit later.

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