Diary – 22nd October 2015

Didn’t want to get out of bed this morning, but never mind, last day of school today. 

Down at school I was first staff member. Children were arriving and it had gone 8am so I unlocked door, walked in and went to alarm control panel, typed in PIN I had been given and it said ‘wrong code’. Oh dear. So I made a hasty exit, warned children it was going to get noisy and then alarm went off. Fortunately a teacher was just arriving. It wa windy and as always that seemed t make everyone a bit crazy. Only one casualty. 

Bell went, pick up papers and walked home. Sat down with a cup of tea to read paper, did job search and played some guitar. 

Left house at midday heading to Lancaster. I always wonder best route to get to Ridge estate. Had a chat with the lady at the chippy and then had a good chat with Linda while we ate. Had some people turn up and we did look at some vacancies. Also met people from the youth centre next door and had a look at what they are doing. Didn’t leave until 3.3pm or so. 

Drove back to Scorton, stopped at Barn to buy a card. 

A quiet evening. Naomi was out until mid-evening and then we watched TV. 

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