Diary – October 30th 2015

Didn’t sleep as well as expected. Up shortly after 7am. Felt OK initially but fatigue hit me increasingly through the day.

Had breakfast with Naomi and then sat and read paper and then did my job search for the records.

Did some laundry.

Hurrah, it’s payday. Remembered to print a payslip for my job centre interview on Monday and printed records of my job search activity as well.

After lunch decided to go for a walk round the block and set my fitbit to record it. Stopped for a chat with one of our cottage neighbours (is she Zoe or Lorraine?) and then further round chatted with Dennis. It was a pleasant walk and surprising ly warm.

Came home and collapsed in front of TV. Naomi came home and I heated up left-overs from yesterday and added a chilli.

Afterwards we went for a shopping trip to Booths. Git it to 3 figures with the addition of lots of alcohol. When we got home realised cashier had scanned barcode for one bottle of beer rather than the code for the pack of 8 bottles. 🙂

Went to bed shortly after 10pm feeling v tired

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