Diary – 1st November 2015

Had a restless night, even my Fitbit agrees. got up at 8am. 

Had breakfast and was about to leave when Naomi coughed so I knew she was awake, so popped in to say good morning. Then left for Lancaster. It was rather misty on the way. Had to park on Moorlands. 

LBC morning service was marking Persecuted Church Sunday. After service had time for a cup of tea and a bit of a chat. Walked into town and swapped broken lightbulb at Wilko’s and then returned to car and drove home. 

Lunch was leftover meat from yesterday in fajitas with homemade sweet potato chips. 

Watched some of the gymnastics on TV and then went out to rake leaves. 

I think I spent about 2 hours on the lawn. Raked about half the lawn. Stopped as it got mostly and dusk. 

Naomi went out to evening service at Lancaster. I played some guitar, sorted bike and stuff for tomorrow – my last visit to the Job Centre. Though as the fog worsened during the evening I began to wonder if it is going to be suitable weather for cycling. 

Come 8pm I collapsed in front of TV for the evening. 

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