Diary – 2nd November 2015

I was awake and out of bed before 7am, practising for tomorrow!! Had breakfast and walked down to village wondering about cycling to Lancaster. On way back decided to give up on that idea. 

So a quick change and then went in car with Naomi to campus. Road was quiet for a Monday morning 

Got to campus about 8.45am and I set off walking. Took cycle path to Bailrigg Lance and Collingham Park and then followed A6, a rather noisy option. Made good time and was in centre by 9.30am. Did a couple of things and got to Job Centre for 9.50am, 10 minutes early. 

Had a nice chat with John, my final signing on. Rather annoyed that he wouldn’t adjust the figures to record my income so I will be out of pocket. Afterwards I thought that perhaps this is a national issue and how many part-time workers are out of pocket??

Stopped at Costa to “celebrate” the end of my dealings with the Job Centre

And a bit of shopping before heading back down the road back to campus. Turned off the main road and took road through Hala and stopped for a chat with Sam outside the newsagents which is now closed. 

Once on campus I bought some lunch and sat on the steps to eat it and waited for Naomi finishing. 

Back in the car and we took the motorway down to Preston. Stopped at Moor Park for a while and I attempted a geocache unsuccessfully d then on to the hospital. 

Appointment was almost an hour late and took about half an hour. 

I drove us home. A6 or motorway? I went for a6 and joined the queue immediately, but it was quick moving. Even worse, at Barton Grange garden centre there had been a crash and the road was closed. We turned around and I could remember vaguely the back road I cycled along when the car was serviced here lots of other cars had the same idea so it was too difficult to find our way back to Garstang and then on to home. 

Had a cup of tea, sorted out card for Jacqueline and I went for a walk down to village. But found I missed latest posting by 20 minutes. That walk took my daily step count to over 25 thousand. 

Came home and cooked tea – steak and kidney pie from a tine. 

And then I was out again to LBC deacons’ meeting. Road was foggy but quiet. Meeting was straight- forward finished at 9pm. 

Drove home on quiet roads but quite foggy. 

Bit of TV before bed. 

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