Diary – 6th November 2015

Hurrah for Friday! Pleased to see how light it was early morning so no rain. 

So down at early birds club we were outside in the playground. But it’s Friday so it’s really quiet. Just me and one boy to start and I don’t think anyone else turned up until after twenty past by which time he was bored of playing football by himself. Cleaned out the Guinea pig hutch with help from one reception boy. Rain started at 8.45am and teacher took children in early. 

Came home and read paper. Today I was supposed to be driving the minibus at Calder Vale but it’s broken down so all of a sudden I have a free morning. So I ended up with some down-time. 

Sorted out payment for uncle’s new spectacles, played some guitar. Even found time to do some hoovering. šŸ™‚

Naomi came home from work, had a short lie down and then we went out in car to Lancaster. 

It’s the Light Up Lancaster festival. We parked behind Dalton Square. Headed to Market Square. Bought fish and chips for tea. Watched the Haffner playing to water. It started to rain so we had a quick look  in the library. Met up with Ann, boys and lodgers. Walked over to Sun Square and walked through tunnel. Then stopped to look at illuminations on Judges’ Lodgings and then back to St Nic’s and queued to go in Sol cinema. Must be the smallest cinema in the world – an 8 foot long caravan with seats for 8 people -watched a short film of three very flexible ladies. Still not convinced it wasn’t done by CGI. And came home. 

Time for a beer before bed. 

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