Diary – 9th November 2015

And another week starts. At least the rain had stopped!!

Down at school I decided to start Early Birds indoors. Teachers won’t advise anymore, they say it’s up to me. We had a quiet start, there were only 6 at 8.30am and all playing a game together. We went out for a few minites of frsh air just before the bell. Playground still seemed empty at bell.

Came home, read paper, caught up online and then it was time for viullage Bible study. It was raining again by the time I left house – at least I don’t have to walk very far. A bit of a quiet morning – only 6 of us, all the quiet ones. Tony led instead of his wife and I think he did it better. Some interesting ideas on quiet times.

came home, had lunch.

Need to plan a geocaching outing. Found two at Ellel along Kitbrow Lane, one next to the road and the other a short walk. Drove there, found the roadside one but left it for another day and then drove a bit further and walked down to other. Track was running like a stream so feet got very wet but not the rest of me. Quick located cache, signed log and returned to car.

Came home, warmed up and found time to do a rowing session before Naomi came home.

Cooked chicken for tea.

Then I was out again to Lancaster for a Lighthouse planning meeting at Karen’s house. We seemed to plan our Christmas sessions very quickly and then did all the weeks up to Easter and finished by 9.30pm

Came home, had a hot chocolate and went to bed.

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